Baseline Screening

HeadZone offers baseline screening for individuals (5y and older), as well as teams. Baseline screening tests evaluate the healthy child’s decision-making ability, reaction time, attention, memory, and balance. In the event of an injury, a re-test would enable the clinician to compare your child’s post-injury measurements with their normal measurements. This information helps the clinician determine how to manage your child’s recovery and determine when your child’s injury has resolved.

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Any or all of the following baseline screening tests (for children 5y and older) are offered by HeadZone:

  • King-Devick Test: a two-minute test that measures eye movements, visual processing, concentration, attention, speech, language, and other correlates of brain function. This baseline test is recommended every 6 months for children /= 11 years.
  • ImPACT Test: a computerized neurocognitive test that measures attention span, working memory, sustained and selective attention time, non-verbal problem solving, and cognitive reaction time. The Pediatric ImPACT (for children 5-11 years) takes about 20 minutes to complete and is taken using an iPAD. The ImPACT test for older children and teens (age 12 years and older) is taken on the computer and takes about 25 minutes to complete. All ImPACT tests should be repeated yearly until high school, and every other year during high school.
  • SWAY Balance and Motion Reaction Time: Balance is measured by an accelerator in an iPAD or iPhone as the child tries to maintain stance in a variety of standardized positions. Motion reaction time is measured using the built-in motion sensors of the iOS mobile device. Yearly baselines are recommended.
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