Treadmill Challenge Test (BCTT)

The Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test (BCTT) is a standardized exercise treadmill stress test modified from the Balke cardiac stress test. Dr. Leddy and colleagues at The State University of New York at Buffalo created the test to safely assess exercise capacity in children and young adults post-concussion. The test is administered in our office by our Board Certified Athletic Trainer and reviewed by our medical staff. Using the results obtained from the test, an individualized exercise program is created to promote optimal concussion recovery.

Instructions for the BCTT:
1) If you have asthma, remember to bring your rescue inhaler.
2) Don’t forget your sneakers! Wear or bring sneakers and comfortable workout clothes (shorts or sweats).
3) Make sure you’re hydrated! Drink a bottle of water or Gatorade an hour prior to your appointment.
4) Eat a snack! Eat a snack (ex., fruit, granola bar, etc.) an hour or two prior to your appointment.
5) If you are experiencing any symptoms above a 6/10, please call the office at least 1 hour prior to your appointment.

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